Traditional Feton Filler

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The Mini Capsule Filling Machine
Output 1000 Capsules / Hour & Fill Weight Accuracy +/- 5-8% 
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Insert Capsules into the Orienter:
As in Fig. 1, pour capsules on to the orienter.  Cover the open part with the palm of your hand.  Gently shake the orienter so excess capsules slide off.
Transferring capsules from Orienter to Filler:
As in bottom of Fig. 2, lift the transparent cover of the filler.
As in Fig. 3, place the orienter above the filler such that the top edge of the orienter is at the top edge of the filler.  Push the button on the side of the orienter and the capsules automatically fall into the pockets of every second row.

All of the capsules take the same vertical position: the body (narrower part) below, the caps (the wider part) facing upwards.

To fill the pockets in the remaining rows, repeat the steps above, except when you place the orienter on the filler align it with the bottom edge of the filler.

Securing Capsules in Filler:
As in Fig. 4, close and lock the clear cover with the tab.  tighten the screws on the front to securely hold the capsules bodies in the base of the filler.
Separating Capsule Caps & Bodies:
As in Fig. 5, press down on the handles of the filler with your thumbs and lift up the top most sheet.
As in Fig. 6, the caps are now in the top sheet and the bodies are in the base of the filler.  Set the top sheet containing the caps to the side.  Loosen the screws on the front to allow the capsule bodies to fall flush with the top surface of the filler.  Press down any capsule bodies that are not flush.
Filling Capsule Bodies With Powder:
As in Fig. 7, spread a pre-weighed amount of powder using the spatula provided into the capsule bodies (lower half of the capsule).

Optional items available December 1999 for faster filling are a powder corral tray and 100 pin tamper.

Locking or Closing Capsules:
As in Fig. 8, now place the top sheet containing the caps on the filler.  Using your thumbs press down on the clear plastic cover and lift up the bottom of the filler with your fingers.  this will lock the capsules.  Now, remove the top sheet and you will have 100 filled capsules!

Before ordering, learn about the new ProFill System

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