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  I am interested in the following:

Veterinary Size Capsules
Size 000-5 Human Size Capsules
Rat Capsules (Size 9, 9el, 9h, M)
Special Size / Custom Capsules
Toy Capsules
Special Effects
Veterinary Capsule Fillers

ProFill Vet (handheld)
Vet Clinic Filler (handheld)
Veterinary Capsule Filler 2G (benchtop)
Capsule Fillers

ProFiller 1100 (handheld)
ProFiller 1120 (handheld)
ProFiller 1060 (handheld) [EU ONLY]
ProFiller 3600 (handheld)
ProFiller X900 (benchtop)
ProFiller 3700 (benchtop)
ProFiller 3800 (benchtop)
ProFiller 3700OE (benchtop)
Capsule Fillers Discontinued (limited availablity)

ProFill 100 (handheld)
ProFill 3006 (handheld)
ProFill 3007 (benchtop)
ProFill 3008 (benchtop)
ProFill 324 (benchtop)

ProMold TTM (Tablet & Triturate)
ProMold TLM (Lozenge & Troche)
ProMold RDTM (Rapid Dissolve Tablet)
Other Equipment

ProFunnel (filling funnel)
ProMixer (Powder Blender)
ProCoater (Enteric Capsule Coater)
ProTDM (Tap Density Meter)

  My INTENDED Use of the Above Is In:

Vet Pharmaceutical Use:

Veterinary Product Manufacturer
Veterinarian Clinical Use
Pre-clinical / Toxicology Use
Rodent / Guinea Pig
Veterinary Distribution of Empty Capsules

Human Pharmaceutical Use:

Clinical Trials
Nutritional / Herbal Manufacturing
Rx Drug Manufacturing

Compounding Pharmacy

Non-Pharmaceutical Use:

Medical Devices
Special Effects

  Please quote on the following: (Provide full details for a fast & accurate quote)

Please quote on the following:

Capsules (specify order quantity, size, color of cap/body, quantity/bag, prefered delivery time.)

Machines (specify machine type, capsule sizes to fill, prefered delivery time.)

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