Special Effects (Movies, Television)

Capsules have a variety of applications in the special effects industry when used by trained experts:

- use in the Ross Taylor / Dave Morton Gun

- as a container for explosives

- as a container for simulated blood material

as a "birthing egg" for fanciful characters or monsters

Capsules can be used as a "birthing egg" for fanciful characters or monsters. See information on the toy application for examples.

Ross Taylor/Dave Morton Gun – SE Capsules:
SE capsules are a specially designed capsule that fits the Ross Taylor/Dave Morton Gun perfectly. Forget about the capsules you may have used in the past like the Michigan #13. The SE capsule is engineered to tight tolerances and each capsule is individually inspected for dimensional accuracy.

This capsule is available direct from Torpac or from special effects distributors including:
De La Mar Engineering, Tel: 818-365-9208, Fax: 818-365-8775, San Fernando, CA 91340
Roger George, Tel: 818-994-3049, Fax: 818-994-9432, Van Nuys, CA 91411
Special Effects Unlimited, Tel: 323-466-3361, Hollywood, CA 90038
International Distributors are welcome to contact us.

Container For Explosives:
Capsules are preferred for work in ecologically or historically sensitive areas. Gelatin is fully biodegradable and relatively soft. In ecologically sensitive areas if you use gelatin capsules you may not have to collect all the fragments. In historically sensitive areas gelatin capsules are less likely to cause damage. You can fill the bottom half of the capsules with your material and then cap it with the self-locking cap. A hole can be drilled in the capsule by simultaneously applying pressure and rotating a sharp point such as an Exacto knife.

Container For Simulated Blood Material:
Capsules can be filled with red dye and food gum and when broken in the mouth the effect of blood can be created.

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