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Dosing Kits include capsules, funnel, stand, tamper, dosing device & instructional video
  • Ideal for materials that are insoluble, form poor suspensions, are affected by excipients or are odorous and distasteful, e.g., sustained release beadlets, paint flakes, chromic oxide marker
  • For capsule size, species, weight, and lower GI drug delivery size see table below. Capsule holders available for dip coating in enteric solutions. Capsule sinkers available for testing in disintegration test apparatus.
  • Size 9 can be used for intra-colonic delivery via rectal insertion in rats >200-250gm.
  • Save time and money by eliminating validation of suspension / solution homogeneity.
  • Eliminate excipients absorption affects.

rat capsule multifiller
rat capsule dosing video
MultiFiller to fill multiple 9 or 9el capsules at one time Rat Dosing Video (windows)
Rat Dosing Video (mac)

Fill Materials:

Dry materials in any form
(powder, beadlets, crystals,
paint flakes), pastes, and
non-aqueous liquids.

Disintegration Time:

Within 10 minutes in stomach.

Dosing Time & Acceptance:
< 1 min. (30 - 45 minutes for 60 rats). 
> 98% successful dosing after minimal experience (3 - 4 placebo doses per rat).

on sizes 9el, 9 and 9h.

Animal Weight:

See below

Lower GI Drug Delivery:

See below

 Parameter Size M Size 9h Size 9 Size 9el
 Species & Weight Mice 25g+ Rats 150g+
Hamsters 150+
Rats 200g (150g min.)
Guinea Pig 300g+
Rats 200g+
 Species & Weight Lower GI Delivery Mice 30g+ Rat 150g+
Hamster 150g+
Guinea Pig 300g+
Rats 200g+
Guinea Pig 300g+
Not Applicable
 Capsule Body Capacity 0.004ml 0.013ml 0.025ml 0.08ml
 Fill Weight (materials with density 1g/ml) 4mg 13mg 25mg 80mg
 External Diameter Maximum 1.27mm 2.69mm 2.70mm 2.70mm
 Length When Locked Maximum 8.4mm 5.1mm 8.4mm 23.0mm

 Surface area locked capsule in sq mm for enteric coating.

31mm2 43mm2 69mm2 Not Applicable
 Weight Empty (Cap & Body) Average1 ~2mg 6mg 10mg 21mg
 Colors Available White Clear & White Clear & White Clear & White
 1 For a specific net fill weight tare the weight of each capsule body individually and then fill or use a pre-weighed amount of powder for each capsule.

Tip: Order syringes for each technician to speed dosing.
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