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3-Dimensional Hand Mixer / Blender
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ProMixer 3DH™ vs other 3D Mixers

ProMixer 3DH is an improved version of Swiss 3D or 3 Axis Mixers from the makers of the ProFiller capsule machine.

·Ergonomic handle to hold during mixing and an extra-wide Stainless Steel (Inox) base for stability. No need to clamp.

·Made from GMP compliant materials. No powder coated or plated parts.

·Optional Flexible Brush is supplied with a jar & lid for mixing of small vials, jars, flasks, tubes, etc.

·Cage designed to prevent optional flexible brush from slipping when it is used without a jar.

·Optional accessories show on left.

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Optional Accessories
Flexible Brush & Jar
for mixing vials, Unguator® jars, etc.
3 Inox (SS316) balls
for breaking up powder lumps.
2 C-clamps
to secure the 3DH to a table.


  • The 3DH Manual ProMixer™ is a fast, low-cost tumble mixer that homogenizes powders of different particle sizes, shape
    and density; liquids of different viscosities; solutions and suspensions.
  • Typical mixing time is 2-3 minutes.
  • Helps ensure uniform mixing from batch to batch and operator to operator.
  • Mixing is based on three-dimensional inversion kinematics, also known as the Paul Schatz principle.

Mixing Speed & Time

  • Mix at same speed as you hand-mix a cake or similar batter e.g. approximately 45-60 rpm or less than 1 rotation a second.
  • High speed mixing is not required or recommended for mixing powders.
  • Tumble mixing is a gentle method of mixing ingredients at low rpm to avoid reducing the particle size. For powder mixing
    allow 2-3 minutes at 45 to 60 rpm or approximately 90-120 revolutions for a uniform blend.
  • For mixing soluble powders and liquids a higher rpm is recommended.

Recommended Container Sizes

  • Supplied with one 1.5L and one 2.0L cylindrical plastic jars.
  • Fully compatible with Inversina* jars and containers that fit in the Inversina* Mixer.
  • Jars from 80-118mm in diameter and up to 210mm in height may be used. See Table on
  • Optional flexible brush insert and jar enables mixing in small vials, jars, flasks and test-tubes.

*Inversina is manufactured by Bio-Components, Switzerland. Unguator® is a trademark of GAKO Konietzko GmbH.

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