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ProFiller 3700OE for Capsugel DBcaps®
Sizes AAA - B & D.

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ProFiller 3700oe Video Srep-by-Step Photo Guide

An alternative to hand filling small batches of DBcaps® capsules for Phase 1 & 2 studies. ProFiller 3700OE orients, separates, and locks DBCaps® capsules without vacuum or pneumatics Easy to install. You can fill DBcaps® capsules the same day you receive the ProFiller 3700OE! A great alternative to waiting for Change Parts or setting up ring-type or automatic fillers for a small batch.
Now available in sizes: AAA, AAel, AA, A, B & D. Tablets that fit in C & E also fit in the next larger size capsule i.e. B & D. Special low-cost attachments make double blinding of tablets, caplets and capsules easy.
Order as a complete system or order the parts necessary to fill DBcaps® on an existing ProFiller 3700 system for Sizes 000-5 or 00el-2el. Easy cleaning & high GMP as powder contact parts are Inox (SS316).
Double blind 3,000 to 4,500 doses/hour depending on operator speed. Fill Size 000-5 and 00el-2el capsules on the same system using Change Parts and a Switch Over Kit.

The regular ProFiller 3700 mechanical separation system achieves 100% separation on standard size capsules (000-5). For the shorter DBcaps® capsules, capsule separation is 99-100% for sizes AAA, AA, AAel and 96-100% for sizes B & D. The remaining capsules need to be separated by hand which takes less than a minute. This is preferable to separating 100% of the capsules by hand or setting up automatic filler for a small batch.
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