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Profill 3007 is the new standard in 300 hole† bench-top capsule filling systems. Experienced capsule users like the higher output, fast size changes & cleaning. New capsule users love the ease-of-use, indicator gauges & adjustment free change parts. †Size 000 in 192 holes.
Easier To Use GMP & Faster Clean-Out
  • Easier to use than any other 200 or 300 hole system.
  • Four exclusive indicator gauges to assist in capsule orientation, separation, tamping & locking.
  • Shipped fully assembled.
  • Can operate under a Powder Hood.
  • High GMP, all 316 stainless steel including filler base.
  • Filler's open front allows fast removal of excess powder or broken capsules during continuous production.
  • Designed for fast disassembly for cleaning.
Higher Output Exclusive Options
  • Unique features include quick tamp knobs, orienter locater, push plate etc.
  • Fully locks capsules after filling, unlike "hand-held" 200/300 hole fillers - saving you time and frustration!
  • Over-encapsulation attachments for tablets, capsules and caplets.
  • Partial batch kit for filling less than 300 capsules per batch.
  • Over-filling kit fills more powder in the same size capsule.
Add the optional Profill M8 Vibrator. Vibrators offer faster filling of powders that "bridge" or are granular, fluid or "flour" like. It also reduces weight variation for fine powders. Our vibrator is fully enclosed in 316 stainless steel. The Filler mounts on the vibrator with supplied brackets and screws.
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