Please e-mail or fax us your requirements and we will be happy to send you a quotation.  For international orders we will work out freight charges if requested.

Harmonized Code For Import Duty:

Empty Gelatin Capsules: 9602.00. Empty Cellulose (HPMC) Capsules 9602.00.
Note, in many countries the next two digits are different for Gelatin & Cellulose capsules.

Capsule Filling Machinery: 8422.30. Dosing Applicators: 9018.90.


Gelatin capsules: clear capsules are always in stock in all sizes; color capsules are in stock in some colors and sizes.  Lead time for custom colors can range from 4-12 weeks.

Machines:  Veterinary Filler, hand-held mini system and enteric coater are in stock in all sizes.  Lead time for Benchtop system can range from 4-6 weeks.


USA via UPS or Truck.
International: via air courier and air freight.  We offer door-to-door delivery service.

Payment Terms:   


Terms are Net thirty (30) days, F.O.B. NJ, USA.  All sales are in U.S. dollars.  Orders from individuals or companies not wishing to establish credit can be charged to MasterCard or Visa or prepaid or shipped C.O.D. (USA only).  Credit Card orders are only shipped to the credit card billing address.


Products should not be returned without prior authorization from Torpac.  Please contact Torpac customer service department to obtain a return authorization number (RA) prior to shipment.

Product Use Limitation and Warranty:

Capsules should only be used for medical purposes after consultation with a licensed medical professional only.  Torpac makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose, except that the products sold will meet our specifications at the time of shipment.  Buyer's exclusive remedy and Torpac's sole liability hereunder shall be limited to, at our option, product credits, refund of the purchase price of, or the replacement of all material(s)  that does not meet our specification.  By acceptance of the product, Buyer indemnifies and holds Torpac harmless against, and assumes all liability for the consequence of its use or misuse by the Buyer, its employees or others, including, but not limited to the cost of handling.  Said refunds or replacement is conditioned on Buyer notifying Torpac within thirty (30) days of receipt of product.  Failure of Buyer to give said notice with said thirty (30) days shall constitute a waiver by the Buyer of all claims hereunder with respect to said material(s).



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We ship worldwide via courier (DHL, Fedex, UPS). Contact us for shipping charges. Pay in US$ or €.

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