Empty Gelatin Capsules for Optics
& Storage of Other Parts

Size Chart Including Internal Dimensions

Internal Capsule Dimensions
For Outside Dimensions See Our Capsule Size Chart.

Size Interior Diameter Interior Length Packaging
mm inches mm inches
Large Size Capsules
13 14.17 0.57 29.57 1.18 10 Boxes of 100 Capsules per Case.

Partial Cases Available.
12 14.18 0.57 40.08 1.60
12EL 14.14 0.57 57.62 2.31
11 19.32 0.77 47.02 1.88
10 22.23 0.89 61.93 2.48
7 22.30 0.89 77.50 3.10
SU07 22.32 0.89 88.02 3.52
Small Size Capsules
5 4.47 0.18 10.83 0.43 Each Size Available in Bags of 100 or 1,000
4 4.87 0.20 13.72 0.55
3 5.43 0.22 15.32 0.61
2 5.93 0.24 17.30 0.69
1 6.48 0.26 18.80 0.75
0 7.17 0.29 20.99 0.84
00 8.02 0.32 23.09 0.92
000 9.39 0.38 27.54 1.10
Variety Pack 100 each of size 3, 1, 00, 000, #12, #11, #10

Biodegradable, No Monomers or Outgassing, Moisture protection, Protects Coated & Polished Surfaces.

Use For Lenses, Mirrors, Filters, Crystals, Prisms, Assemblies, Windows & Other Delicate Components.

Gelatin capsules, widely used in human pharmaceuticals, offer several advantages in the storage and shipping of delicate optical and electronic components.

Capsules Are Environmentally Friendly Packaging:

Gelatin is 100% biodegradable and of natural origin. Unlike plastic, gelatin does not emit volatile monomers that can deposit on sensitive components during storage.

Capsules Provide a Barrier to Moisture:

Gelatin absorbs moisture and has moisture barrier properties, thus minimizing condensation effects. When a component is sealed within a gelatin capsule, moisture will be preferentially absorbed by the gelatin.

Capsules Protect Flat Surfaces from Damage:

The gelatin capsules' cylindrical shape and hemispherical domes ensure that the flat surfaces of disk-shaped components never touch the walls of the capsule. Mirrors, coated components, and lens surfaces are protected from contact during shipping. Capsules are a clear, strong and yet flexible container. They are transparent, thus allowing inspection through the capsules without the need to touch the component. Capsules are supplied in two pieces (cap and body) with a built in seal.

Capsules Are Faster than Optical Envelopes:

A typical use is as a one step packaging process for micro-optics. On an assembly line, a worker opens a gelatin capsule and places the open body of the capsule over a small optical filter. By pinching the body, which is flexible, the filter is picked up. The capsule body is then sealed using the capsule's cap. This method is much faster than wrapping the filter in tissue and then sealing an envelope.

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