Feton Capsule Filler Vs. ProFill Capsule Filling System

Until now, the Feton Encapsulator was the only option for people needing to fill capsules.

Now you have a choice. 

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Put away the Feton and try the fastest 100 hole hand-held filler on the planet.

"The ProFill is a work of art.  We're impressed with the packaging and your service.  Thank you.  We rate you and your organization a 9+."

The ProFill Capsule Filling System is 35% faster than the competition.
Fill up to 2000 Capsules / Hour & Fill Weight Accuracy +/- 7% 
Simple ... Fast ... Budget Priced.  Get it today!

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Competitive Product Assessment - 100 Hole Capsule Fillers  - US Market - 2003

Capsule Filler

ProFill 100

Feton Fast-Cap




Change Parts

Yes - Snap-In / No Tools or Adjustments



Filler Only

Yes – Adjustments Required

Powder Contact Materials

Stainless Steel (SS), Hard Anodized Aluminum, Teflon & Polycarbonate*

SS Frame, Plastic Caps Tray, SS Body Sheets.  Other components Plastic.

Mainly Plastic, SS Frame

Mainly Plastic, Painted Frame

Mainly Plastic, Aluminum Frame

Tamper & Powder Tray

50 pin Stainless Steel Tamper & Polycarbonate* Powder Tray with Reservoir

“20 pin Tamper” is actually 10 pins for one capsule size range & 10 pins for a different size range.
Acrylic Powder Dam without reservoir.

5 pin plastic tamper. Powder Tray ordered separately.

5 pin plastic tamper. Powder Tray ordered separately.

5 pin plastic tamper. Powder Tray ordered separately.



Stock – 8 weeks

Stock – 8 weeks

Stock – 8 weeks

Pharmacists Only 

System Cost 1 Capsule Size between 00-3 in USA


$880 varies

$740 varies


Free! With a $15,000 membership - Additional units $1452

Typical Cost For 3 Capsule Sizes in USA





Technical Support

Video, Quick Start Guide, & Website

Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions Video $25 extra 

*All FDA Approved Material for Food Contact


View the key features   Visit capsuleworld.com for more information and an online video.

ProFill Customer Testimonials

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The Feton encapsulator was the norm for capsule filling until now.  After a head to head comparison with other 100 hole capsule filling machines, the ProFill stands above the rest.  With it's stainless steel construction and easily switched Change Parts, the ProFill has shown itself to be the world's premier 100 hole capsule filler.  Call and order one today.